For Male and Female Teens to Adults

Kickboxing is an intense combination of boxing with the element of kick combinations.  This full body workout is for all fitness levels and abilities, and you will work at your own level.  Partner drills, student teacher drills, shadow boxing, interval training, and more show up in each exciting class!

It's Not An Aerobics Class!!

This class is true kickboxing!  The techniques, the workout, the skills and the drills will appeal to all ages and fitness levels.  Get in fantastic shape while learning authentic and effective techniques to defend yourself and harness your power.  You will sweat, breathe, punch and kick your way to a strong, fit, and agile new you, one that truly knows how to KICKBOX!

What to Wear

Classes are barefoot, otherwise wear comfortable clothing. As you progress wrist wraps and boxing gloves will be needed.