The Complete Package

There are many styles of Karate, and many approaches to teaching an art form that trains your body, mind, and spirit.  Not all dojos teach the same, and you will feel the difference with Shihan Gaddy's deep passion for the ancient art of Shito-Ryu Karate Do at the first class you take, and every class thereafter.

Shihan Gaddy's authentic style is infectious, and can be felt in every single class.  You won't just learn to go through the moves and advance rank because you've memorized steps. You will be  inspired to work towards a true understanding of the art of Karate, all the while developing skills and techniques that will reach far beyond just your time at the dojo.  

It IS a workout where ALL fitness levels can work right in their comfort zone.  You will FEEL the fitness of your body, and the fitness of your mind, improve every class.  It DOES build confidence.  It is a SPORT.  It is an ART. It is a LIFESTYLE, and you WILL learn more than you ever thought you would, inside and out! 

Whether male or female, adult, teen or child, you will be taught in a way that is motivating, empowering, and challenges you to reach your fullest potential. 

From increased stamina, strength, flexibility and power, to body awareness, defense techniques, and mental fortitude, karate will train the whole person, mind, body and spirit. There is is no other dojo that will give you the class experience like Gaddy's Karate.  

Classes for Everyone

Small classes offer highly individualized attention and maximize each student's progress.  After discussing your goals and availability, Shihan Gaddy will recommend which classes will be the most effective and beneficial for you.  Each class is small by design, and will allow you to  feel your progress every time you step foot in the dojo.