Boxing IS for Everyone!

Classes with John Gaddy

John Gaddy's passion for boxing was an extension of his passion for Karate, and over thirty years ago, he embraced mastering the intricate techniques that make boxing its' own unique sport.  Power, stamina, speed, agility, focus and determination make boxing a challenge, a workout, and an addiction in it's own right. 

The picture to the left pictures John Gaddy, the trainer standing directly to the right of pro boxer Dustin "The White Tiger" Fleischer. 

The Class Structure

Each Class incorporates fighting techniques from jabs and hooks to speed, footwork, and stamina. 

Pad work, partner work, and impact drills with gear are all part of the choices offered to boxing students.  Classes are suitable for teens and adults, and students can readily work to challenge their current fitness and will see dramatic improvements in all areas of their abilities!

Class Options

Please call or email to discuss the current class offerings that are best suited for your age, schedule, and experience.