About Shihan John Gaddy

The Beginning....

Starting Martial Arts at just eight years old fueled a passion for mastering the discipline, the strength, and the quiet fortitude of Karate, which means 'empty handed' defensive and fighting techniques.

Years Of Training

With over thirty years of teaching under his belt, and helping countless students over the years obtain their own black belts, his passion is still as fiery as ever. There is no slowing down, letting up, or losing the excitement for the sports of Karate and Boxing.  You will find him on the mats in every single class, alongside the students, drilling, teaching, working, and inspiring students from all walks of life. While Shihan Gaddy will tell you the sports of Karate and Boxing complement each other, he is a verifiable master of each, honing in on the unique skill sets each requires for the different classes he teaches. If you ask him which he likes better, his face will light up as he says, "I love them both so much."  This can only be evidenced in its truest form when you learn from him, or even just watch him, working on the mats. 

The Dojo Today

Sixteen years ago Shihan Gaddy moved his dojo from Washington to High Bridge, where his karate school has quietly continued to be one of the most authentic and personal studios in the area.  At John Gaddy's Karate and Boxing, you won't get different teachers each class, or teachers learning how to teach, or a commercialized system of instruction.  Master Gaddy teaches all the classes at this special dojo where a tight family of people that share a love of the sports that will welcome you with open arms. 

Fresh Changes Coming!

New programs are coming late 2017 early 2018! From cardio kickboxing to self defense, ringside style boxing, pad work, and authentic karate,  Shihan Gaddy has opened up time to allow more classes, with a fresh infusion of fitness opportunities for all your goals!